Weekly Flower arrangements

Provide the image of your Company's success with Fresh Floral arrangements. he first impression is everything, there is only one chance to wow them on their initial visit to your Corporate Office. When your clients and visitors first arrive at your business; flowers display an unspoken message that you are above the rest and have the resources to enjoy simple luxuries. Custom designed flowers will create an experience and set the tone for the overall impression they will leave with. Be sure to impress them with well-designed quality flowers and displays!

There are many benefits that come from subscribing to our corporate services - be it plant rotations or weekly flower delivery service - from cost savings to using only high quality premium flowers sourced from around the world. What’s more; you receive personal service from a dedicated account designer. Here’s a quick look at the highlights of working with us:

  • Reduced Prices: Significant discount on price per stem compared to retail. Creating larger, fuller arrangements to maximize the visual impact of your price point. 
  • Premium Floral: Our team of designers will create stunning floral and plant displays catered to the surrounding environment, using the worlds highest quality stems and plants.
  • No Charge for Vases:  Complimentary use of our vases that will be swapped out by our team every rotation. Enjoy changing styles at no cost to you.
  • Dedicated Account Designer: Your account will have a dedicated floral designer who will create and oversee all work performed for your account.